How quickly does my body recover when I quit smoking?

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Want to know more about nicotine replacement therapy?
Click on each question to reveal the answer.

Can I use both nicotine gum and the patch?
Yes, if you continue to have cravings while on the patch, it is reasonable to use nicotine gum in addition to the patch to treat sudden cravings or urges to smoke. Using two types of NRT in this way can be better than using only one type of NRT.
How do I know that I am taking the right amount of NRT?
If the NRT patch is adequate, you will feel relatively comfortable between cravings. You may still have strong urges to smoke during the day, but most of the time you will not feel any cravings or discomfort.
Can I become addicted to NRT?
The risk of becoming addicted to NRT is small – much smaller than the risks of continuing to smoke. About 1 in 20 people who use NRT to stop smoking continue to use it in the longer term. It is easier to stop using NRT than to stop smoking. This is because the dose of nicotine in NRT is not as high as in cigarettes and NRT doesn’t give the same satisfaction as smoking.
Does NRT cause cancer?
No. Although there are over 60 chemicals in cigarette smoke that cause cancer, none of these are in NRT.
Should I take off the patch to take a shower?
If applied properly, you can wear your patch in the shower, bath, or hot tub. If the patch falls off, discard the old patch and apply a new patch.
Can I smoke and use the patch/gum at the same time?
Smoking or receiving nicotine through other sources while you are using NRT may result in your getting too much nicotine and experiencing side effects. However, some people find that using NRT prior to quitting is helpful because it assists them in reducing smoking and increases their confidence in their ability to quit.
How long after my last cigarette should I wait before I begin my quit attempt using Nicotine gum?
We recommend choosing a start date for your quit attempt and beginning the use of nicotine gum first thing that day, before having any cigarettes. However, if you choose to wait and start your quit attempt later in the day, you must wait 30 minutes or longer after smoking your last cigarette before using nicotine gum.
If I spit out the gum, can I re-use the piece of gum?
Nicotine gum lasts for about 30 minutes. If you are unsure how long you used the piece of gum, dispose of gum away from the reach of children and pets.
What if my child or my pet eats a piece of Nicotine Gum?
Make every effort to keep Nicotine gum out of reach of children and pets. In case of an accidental ingestion, get professional assistance or contact a poison control center immediately.
I have diabetes. Can I use the nicotine gum?
Nicotine gum is sucrose free.
Why can’t I eat or drink for 15 minutes before using NRT?
Eating or drinking even mildly acidic foods and beverages directly before using or during use of Nicotine gum inhibits nicotine absorption into your bloodstream. A basic alkaline pH is required for the nicotine in nicotine gum to be properly released from the gum and absorbed through the lining of your mouth.
How long should I use the NRT?
Although NRT product information recommends that people use NRT for 2-3 months, some people are not ready to stop using NRT after three months. Long-term use has been demonstrated to be safe. It is recommended that NRT be used for as long as needed to maintain or prolong cessation.
Where can I get more info?
Check out QuitNow's Guide to Medication for more detailed information on NRT.
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How quickly does my body recover when I quit smoking?

  1. Note: These are only approximations. Individual results will vary depending on age, body type, and number of years spent smoking.

    Within 20 Minutes

    My blood pressure and pulse rate decreases.

  2. Within 8 Hours

    Carbon monoxide level drops in my body. Oxygen level in my blood increases to normal.

  3. Within 48 Hours

    My chance of a heart attack starts to go down. Smell and taste begin to improve.

  4. Within 72 Hours

    My bronchial tubes relax and make breathing easier. My lung capacity increases.

  5. Within 2 Weeks - 3 Months

    Exercise is easier for me. Blood circulation is better. My lung functioning is up to 30%.

  6. Within 6 Months

    I see improvements in coughing, sinus congestion, tiredness, shortness of breath, and colds.

  7. Within 1 Year

    My risk of smoking-related heart attacks is cut in half.

  8. Within 5 Years

    My risk of having a stroke is now reduced to that of a non-smoker.

  9. Within 10 Years

    My risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half.

  10. Within 15 Years

    My risk of dying from a heart attack is the same as a person who never smoked.

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