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Tips on Fathering is one of a series of videos filmed for the Dads in Gear program to support new fathers in reducing and stopping smoking.

This video was filmed at the Children’s Safety Village where David Sheftel, a Canadian certified family educator, discusses 3 key strategies dads can use for teaching good behaviour to their kids: being calm, caring and consistent.

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I have a 2-1/2 year old daughter who can say numbers and some other words but not simple sentences; all she does is babble. I’m worried about her language development. What should I do?
My 6 month old baby boy keeps dropping the toys I give him. If I don’t pick them up and give them back, he screams and screams until I do. I’m worried that something is wrong in his head. What should I do?
My 3 year old daughter has more tantrums in a day than I can count. While it’s frustrating when we’re at home, it’s stressful and embarrassing when we’re out of the house. I feel like everyone is looking at us and judging my parenting. What should I do?
I am exhausted after a busy day with my 18 month old son. And although I’m ready to crawl into bed early, my son never wants to go to sleep. During the day, I’m grumpy and easily angered. I think I have a disease called sleep deprivation. What should I do?
I have two young children who fight for my attention all the time. I like being an involved dad but I’m frustrated by a lack of time for myself. What should I do?
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Being a Dad booklet

Being a Dad

Dads play a vital role in all aspects of their kids’ lives. As an affectionate, supportive, healthy and involved dad, you can contribute greatly to your child’s well-being and success in life. The earlier you are involved with your child, the more connected you will be as they grow. The ideas and information in this booklet are based on real life dads’ experiences, and will add to your thoughtfulness, confidence and effectiveness as a dad.


“I was a single dad when I found myself in a new relationship and having full custody of my children. I started taking an active approach with encouraging my children and others in sports and activities outside of school, and in school progress as well. I love being a dad and never would like to have it any other way. Looking forward to other dads’ stories, support, and encouragements, and Dads in Gears’ activities to help me quit smoking and stay quit.” -Chris


“When you just find out that you’re going to have a baby, a lot of different things go through your head, and a lot of different pressures, right? There’s a lot of stuff that’s going to change, and new things to think about that you never thought about before.”

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